I’m a Pakistani native living in the beautiful state of California, USA for twenty-some years. Although a woman of many talents, the one I am most proud of is writing. I love languages, especially English, so much so that I spend most of my time reading books, being creative on social media, talking to my two cats as if they were my babies, and taking pictures of my travels and daily experiences just so I can write about them. Lastly, I work as an editor in a publication company. 

I started my first blog in 2010 after being inspired by a former high school peer. Although we weren't friends in school, I learned so much about her by the way she wrote about her family. She took beautiful photos as well. I thought to myself, "I want to do that". Thus, after picking my favorite hobby- making lists- my first blog started. You can read my first blog HERE. This time around, however, I started one based solely on my interest of fashion and styling. I know readers like a little variety so I added traveling, books, and a few random posts section that doesn't adhere to any particular category in the mix. I feel my interest of fashion/styling is a baby I am waiting to have so till that happens, I will nurture this blog. 

My dream is to make life a little easier for adults who are trying to figure this thing called "life" because I am one of them. I have been through it all like so many out there. Smart graduates who want to change the world, but are not connected or experienced to know where to start. Young earners who dream big of wanting to decorate their home or taking a grand vacation, but don't have time or money. Fashionistas on a budget who want to look like Anna Wintour, but shop at retail stores. Or future leaders who want to write and speak like Barack Obama, but write in their diaries rather for an audience. This is your place to get inspiration.

This blog is for people who want to get inspired from fashion and appreciate the beauty of life by having various interests such as traveling, reading books, or spirituality. 

I hope you enjoy my creation. Thanks!