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Favorite Blogs

Favorite Blogs

Those who know me know that I am not new to the blogging world (no, I am not telling you how old I am. That is for my mother to blurt out in an unappropriated setting). My first blog was back seven years (yes, that kinda gives it away) that I wrote in a list format (Yes, you heard it right-solely lists). It was a fun blog to write and I had a few followers, but career got in the way and I abandoned it all together (hopefully this won't happen here if I get some love :)). Writing has always been a passion of mine (since the age of six when I wrote about my imaginary cat) and being able to share my writing on a cyber platform has been a dream come true (thanks Google!). These days blogs have become actual communities where people come together and share ideas and experiences of their own. We learn so much from this medium. And I see a brighter future as long as there are readers.

Today, I want to focus on my favorite blogs. These blogs are all written by women around my age and cover hordes of topics and interests. I use my research time to prowl for new ideas or inspiration and these blogs always hit the nail on the head. So for my first “Just Because” post I want to talk about some of my go-to blogs.

1. The Desi Wonder Woman (here)

This wonderful blog is written by Shezeen Rehman, a Lahori living in Dubai. It is a humorous and witty take on life as she learns to meditate, redecorate her home, or just write about her travels. It is an all-encompassing blog that covers all sorts of topics from beauty products to lingerie (yes, you heard it right). If you are a female, married or unmarried, then do read up on her. Very fun indeed.

2. The Spice of Adulting (here)

This fairly new blog is written by another Pakistani girl living in Saudi Arabia with her husband. She is young (mid-twenties, I think) and writes musings and observations about life in general. Weddings, books, newly-married life, living as an Expatriate, you name it, she covers it. Truly a cute little blog!

3. Cuppajyo (here)

This blog is a sight for sore eyes. Written and managed by Jyo and her husband, it is all about beach life and fashion. If you like traveling to beaches and wearing easy, breezy outfits then look into this online gem. I revisit this blog daily just for its photographs. They are absolutely breathtaking and give you major jealo- sorry, goals. She lives in San Francisco, which is close to me so she talks about some local spots as well, which is always fun.

4. Noor’s place (here)

If you like quirky, young women then look no further than this blog. Online since 2012, it is a place for young people (uh, that’s me..hehe…) to explore their creative outlets. Beautiful photography, on-point topics, and poetry…yes, poetry by no other than Noor. I believe she lives in Pakistan so it is so refreshing to see a young woman from there who freely expresses her individuality. Let’s give her some love.

5. Adimay (here)

You may notice that I have an eclectic taste in blogs (except they are all by women…girl power!). This blog also fits that description as it covers solely ethical and sustainable fashion. Run by a college student, it features gorgeous photography and important information about brands that are not considered “fast fashion”. I wouldn’t say it is the most well-written of the bunch, but the artistry of the photographs is so exceptional that I revisit it regularly. A must to see.

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Being Vegan and Animal Cruelty-Free at Sephora