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Angel Party

Angel Party

Welcome all! How are you? I want to preface my post by saying that it is a huge deal for me to come out and publicize that I believe in this kind of stuff. I am a Muslim, and iA will always be. I don’t pray namaz or cover my head, but I do talk to Allah at least twice a day (first thing in the morning and bedtime) where I thank him for all the blessings and ask him for guidance. I spend the rest of the day looking for ways to help fellow humans and animals because to me that is a type of worship as well.

I have been going to psychics and mediums for at least 11 years and all my experiences have been wonderful. Now, I am sure there are some people going “I don’t believe in this kind of stuff” or “it’s just an easy way to make money”, but let me assure you it is real. At the time I was seeing these wonderful women, nothing in life made sense, not even what they were saying. Like many, I began questioning their abilities and morals and vowed never to approach another one again. But, something kept pulling me towards them. In 2015, when life kinda came together I saw the importance of their foresight and how right their insights were. So I will encourage those that want to venture into this to give it a chance and more importantly give it time. No blessing happens overnight-you got to put in the hard work and be patient.

What is Intuition?

According to Doreen Virtue, “intuition is your ability to receive and interpret divine healing and supportive messages for your journey. It gives you the clarity to know that you are going in the right direction and to understand what changes you need to make in your life”. Everybody has intuition-it’s a scientific fact. Intuition is your inner voice that speaks to you lovingly in moments of fear and confusion. Dozens of studies support the value of intuition in decision making and finding creative solutions to problems. Human ancestors were hard wired through centuries of evolution to protect themselves from animals while hunting or how to build a fire. The automatic nervous system appears to be hardwired to instinctly react to dangers around us. There are different names for this intuition. It is called women's intuition, gut feelings, sixth sense or premonitions. When you trust your intuition, things go right or you keep yourself out of sticky situations. When you don't trust your intuition, you may regret it.

Now, I am going to try to sound like a 21st century woman here as much as possible: the universe sends us signs and symbols to help us along and to support our internal guidance. Signs and symbols are personal and based on how you interpret or feel about them. You may find feathers, coins, butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs (my mentor’s signs), songs or birds. Other objects from nature may end up on your path in unusual ways. One of the ways angels send us signs is in the form of numbers (so true for me). If you start to notice reoccurring objects or signs around you, then it is time to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, dreams, prayers, and wishes. You are not alone! You have Allah (God), angels and a spirit team of loving and supportive beings who want to see you thrive. If you are feeling lost and alone, then slow down, pay attention, and start listening- meditate if you can. The guidance you seek will be presented; your prayers will be heard.

What is a psychic or a psychic medium?

So I just explained to you what intuition is and how everyone has it. Now, I will tell you about psychics and psychic mediums and how they come into play. They have been around for thousands of years and in history had a very important part and status. It is only in the last 500-600 years, where we begin to see the bad reputation emerge. I am not sure why that happened, but it did resulted in them being called “charlatans” or even “witches”. People who call themselves psychics or mediums have extra senses that a common person doesn’t have. These senses are hundred times stronger than your intuition. They see things that others can’t see; they hear things others can’t hear; they feel things other can’t feel; some even smell things others can’t smell. These people are not lying. There are hundreds of references in Quran and the Bible that talks about these people with special gifts and how revered they were back in the day. Too bad it’s not the case anymore although trends are changing (Read article here).

What is the difference between the two? A psychic is someone who can connect with someone’s energy. They can look into an individual’s past, present, and future. And through symbols or individual methods and insights (however they are trained) they advise you accordingly. A psychic medium is someone who does this, but also has an ability to connect to the spirit world. Yes, movie buffs-think The Sixth Sense (although not so dramatic once you get the hang of it).

Where do I come in?

It took me a long time to get comfortable with the fact that I am a psychic medium. Again, I am going to reference The Sixth Sense and say it was somewhat traumatic for my family and I to realize that I had these gifts and for years we didn’t accept them and thought I was crazy. I would constantly get messages in forms of feelings and I would ignore them. Then I slowed and listened and it all began to make sense to me. One of the things I remember seeing was the number 911. Each morning I would get up I would see it, calendars, clocks, you name it, the numbers jumped at me. Living in America, I know that these numbers don’t have a positive association, but whenever I saw them I felt uplifted, happy, like it is going to be a good day. I never forgot that and just earlier this year I did research on what these numbers mean in the spiritual realm. 911 are numbers associated with a light worker or a healer. Those people who have special gifts usually see numbers like 911 or 666 because it is Allah’s way of waking them up and telling them to explore this realm and learn to heal others. There is so much misery in the world. It is our job as light workers to even the playing field and bring some positivity and life.

What I did at the Angel Party?

I have a couple of friends which are practicing gifted women. One of them is Leanne Thomas (one of my mentors). She has these angel parties at her house where you can ask her ONE question (any question) and she channels spirits, angels, and your loved ones in the spirit world to give you guidance. It is so much fun! The messages are always spot on. So there you have. That is what I did Sunday afternoon.

Well, I hope I taught my readers something new in today’s post. Whether you believe in this or not, it is important to learn and respect different spiritual beliefs and religions. Why? Just because…huh?... hello?!!

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