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How to Maintain Pet Friendly House Plants

How to Maintain Pet Friendly House Plants

I love pets, especially cats, so much so I want to sleep with them in my cozy bed. I remember when I got my first cat after 20-some years, we had this beautiful money plant that grew all over the kitchen walls. My cat, Suri was somehow so fascinated with it that she would dig in the soil and try to eat its leaves. On special occasions, when we would get bouquets of flowers, Suri would climb on top of the fireplace or tabletop and sniff and chew on them. My mom was traumatized and decided not to hurt the plant world by having them around with Suri, and now Coco in the house.

For the past three years we have been plant-less (my cats are indoor cats so I am talking about indoor plants only). Recently I caught a plant bug and have been itching to decorate my room with plants so I went on an online rampage to look for plants that are no-toxic for pets (mostly cats; I would look up plants for dogs as well, just leave a comment). Turns out there are plenty of pet-friendly plants to decorate your home with.

As pet owners we take great care in making sure our pets are healthy and safe, but sometimes danger can come from unexpected places. I am sure my readers have furry family members running around the house so I decided to come up with a list. Do note that even non-toxic plants can give your pet an upset stomach and cause vomiting if they eat too much of it. But rest assured, there are plenty of pet friendly house plants that won’t harm your furry friend if they do decide to take a bite.

Here are some easy-to-find (in USA) indoor plants that are non-toxic to your pets:

1. Spider plant – When it comes to growing plants indoors, it doesn’t get much easier than spider plants. Not only are they easy to care for, but they also grow well in low-light conditions and can help to clean the air in our homes. Plus they’re really pretty and even come in a few different varieties. 


2. Palms – There are tons of different types of palms, and they make excellent indoor plants that are safe for cats and dogs. Areca, bamboo palm, parlor and ponytail are some of the most common indoor palm plants, and they are all pretty easy to grow too. Plus palm plants don’t need a lot of light, which makes them great for growing in just about any room of the house.



3. Bamboo – Bamboo plants are not only one of the best pet friendly house plants, but they are easy to grow and fun to collect too.

4. African violet – If you’re looking for easy-to-grow house plants that have ever-blooming, pet friendly flowers, then African violets are the perfect choice. Keep them in a warm location where they get plenty of light, and these darling little plants will happily bloom for you all year round.

5. Boston fern – Safe for both dogs and cats, I would suggest to keep ferns out of reach from pets because they are so fun to play with.

6. Burros tail succulent (Sedum morganianum) – Burros tail succulents are safe, but when it comes to ensuring that other succulents are pet friendly house plants, it can be hit or miss. So make sure to search for each specific variety of succulent plant you grow.

7. Cast iron plant – The cast iron plant definitely lives up to its name. It’s one of toughest house plants out there. Not only are they beautiful, but they will thrive in just about any room of the house.

8. Bromeliads – If you’re looking for some colorful, pet safe indoor plants that grow well without much light, then bromeliads are for you! They are one of the most common flowering house plants (which is especially nice in the winter!), and you can find them just about anywhere these days. Bromeliads come in a variety of colors too, which makes them fun to collect.

9. Christmas cactus – Christmas cacti are easy to grow indoor plants that will flower right around Christmas time, and they are gorgeous! If you head to the garden center right after Christmas, you might even get lucky and find one on sale!

10. Haworthia succulents 

11. Peperomia – There are tons of different varieties of peperomia, and they come in all sorts of different colors and sizes. Many of them are trailing plants that look great in hanging baskets or spilling over the edge of a high shelf.

12. Phalaenopsis orchids – Not only are phalaenopsis orchids cat and dog safe indoor plants, they are popular edible flowers too. If you’ve ever been to Hawaii, you might remember seeing orchid flowers garnishing food plates and tropical drinks all the time. Using phalaenopsis orchids to garnish and decorate food is becoming the mainstream, but I would just keep them in my house so it doesn’t look like an eyesore.

13. Prayer plant – This cute little plant closes it leaves at night (like prayer hands), and it’s a super fun plant to grow. They’re also pretty easy to grow, and will even get tiny flowers if you’re really nice to them.

14. Swedish ivy – Swedish ivy plants are great for growing indoors, and are also commonly sold as annual plants in the summer.

15. Wandering Jew – I am not sure how I feel about the name, but they are pet-friendly indoor plants.

Plants and pets don’t always get along (especially when you have mischievous ones like mine on the loose), but some plants can be downright dangerous for your pets. So if you’re looking to add some green into your home, add these pet safe indoor plants to your collection! If you want to find out if your favorite plants are safe, read here. Just because they are animals doesn't mean they can be ignored. 

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