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Talking to Allah (God)

Talking to Allah (God)

When I was little I used to think that Allah (God) was a supreme being that could never let anyone hurt me and could protect me from any harm. As I grew older, my perception of Allah evolved into something more mature. From thinking I will never get hurt to believing that Allah tests you with hardships and having more faith in him makes me feel powerful and confident than ever before.

I never had trouble talking to Allah. Maybe because I was always a spiritual being. I always talked to him in times of happiness and sadness. As an adult who has been exposed to many different personalities, faiths, and believe systems, I know that is not the case for everyone. Hence, I decided to do today’s post.  

The thought of talking with Allah can be intimidating. Many find themselves wondering where to begin. Questions such as “how can I possibly talk with God?”, “What do I say to Him?”, “Can he hear me?” or the most existential question of all, “How do I know He hears me?” Holy Scriptures such as the Bible and Quran reveal that Allah (God) wants us to talk with Him. He has created angels that send messages to him and brings messages to us so why not avail the opportunity and have a personal relationship with Him.

Communication with Allah is called a prayer and comes in many forms. For generations, people have wondered how to pray. So today, I will tell you how I pray.

Talking with God as a friend

In Islam, our Prophet and Imams have taught us to pray namaz. When you pray namaz, you are talking to Allah and he listens to your prayers and answer the best way he deems fit. How do I pray? I have regular conversations with Allah. Just how we converse with acquaintances or family members, I generally follow a basic format. After greeting Allah, I thank Him for each and every blessing He has bestowed upon me. I must point I have never asked for objects or riches or fame from Allah. I have been taught you earn all that through hard work and determinism. I have also learned that what has been destined for you, you will get it no matter how hard someone prevents it from reaching you; likewise, what is not destined for you, you won’t receive it no matter how hard you work for it. Keeping that in mind I pray for guidance instead and ask to become the best I can be and ask for constant support in difficult matters. And you know what? He listens, especially when you dedicate a time to talk to him regularly.

Prayer is personal, not a show

When we decide to talk with God, we should find a quiet spot. Make sure all distractions like radios or televisions are turned off. At first we may feel embarrassed to kneel to pray. That’s okay. I would go as far as to say sit down as long as you are open to receive the loving energy. We do not need to be embarrassed in any way when we come to Him in prayer. Then all we have to do is start talking. Is that all there is to how to talk to God? Yes, and he never judges.

Listening to God

While God wants to hear what we want, He also wants us to listen to Him. “God spoke directly to Adam, Noah, Moses and others in the Old Testament. He sent angelic messengers to others, and the words that were delivered to the prophets have been preserved for us in the Bible” and the Quran. So how do we listen? Let me tell you:

1.       Meditation: Sit in a quiet room, turn on some soft music, light a candle, and sit in silence. At first your mind will talk to you at million miles per hour. Heck, this will happen the first few times so don’t do it for more than 2-5 minutes, then gradually increase your meditation time. Set an intention before you meditate and the answers will come to you. Some will feel the answers; some will see familiar images; whichever way you will get your intention met and your prayers answered.

2.      Notebook Conversations: I swear this works. Get a notebook dedicated especially for this purpose. And begin writing your thoughts down as if you were having a conversation with Allah. Write down a question, and pause, breathe, and then begin writing. You will notice you are writing down answers to questions you yourself asked. That is Allah speaking through you. Trust me you will be addicted to this.

3.      Angle Cards/Oracle Cards/Tarot Cards: I love the oracle cards by Doreen Virtue and The Rider Tarot Deck. Don’t worry, I am not teaching you witchcraft. These cards have words and pictures that seem to tell a story or answer your questions. They come with handy guides and so all you need is your own intention, your unclouded intuition, and vehement belief in this working.

I hope I have some prayer converts here. Why? Just because talking to Allah (God) is one of the most uplifting, developmental, enriching, soul-raising experience to have. Enjoy!  

Love You Matcha!!

Love You Matcha!!

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