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How Psychic Mediums Communicate with the “Other World”?

How Psychic Mediums Communicate with the “Other World”?

This is a question I was asked by many when I came out as a psychic medium. Most people couldn’t grasp the idea that I saw, felt, and heard things that other couldn’t. Others though I was just plain crazy. I told you briefly the difference between psychics and psychic mediums. You can read all about them HERE. Today, I want to shed light on how we communicate and how the celestial beings contact us.

As a child, I had this inherent knowingness (some would say smartness) about people and situations. I was super sensitive and could empathize with others not only on a superficial level. However, I didn’t pay attention to it because in my eyes, a psychic medium has experiences like that boy from “The Sixth Sense” when scary, bloody ghosts come to you while they throw up and then talk. It wasn’t until 2007 or 2008 that it became a full blown realization that I may have abilities. So I decided to share with my readers how I and other psychic mediums have other senses that are sensitive to high-vibrational bodies like spirits and angels.

There are different types of psychics and psychic mediums. There are psychic mediums who speak to spirits and angels. They are psychics that can read your energy and tell your past, present, and future.  There are Trance mediums who meditate and literally transform the way they sound and look while channeling spirits. Some dream premonitions while telekinesist can move and change physical objects. Yes, they come in all shape and sizes. These are all telepathic or bodily channels who receive information being transmitted and communicate to the physical world.

After working on developing myself for years, I have come to realize that there are 4 main ways I get information. These 4 main ways of channeling are the most prominent in psychic mediums. You may have heard of them as well. They are:

1.       Clairvoyance: seeing non-physical realities or dimensions. There are varieties how clairvoyants receive visuals. Some literally see a photograph or a picture of the ghost, others like me do scrying which is a term for psychic gazing or seeing.  Scrying is an inner vision while defocusing on an outer object. I look at photographs and see faces change and know who is communicating.  

2.       Clairaudience: hearing events occurring long distance in physical and non-physical world. For me, it is not literally hearing voices. Some psychics such as Doreen Virtue and Cindy Kaza keep saying “I hear this” or “She/he is saying”. For me it is a mix. I get feelings and vibrations in my ear and body instead of hearing words. If they are bad words, I feel hurt and sad. If they are beautiful and happy words, I feel uplifted. Another way I get meaning is called Rhapsodomancy/Stichomancy or prophetic rhapsody. It is as simple yet, powerful as opening a book of poetry (or a book) at random and finding intuitive guidance from within that particular poem. It could also be like listening to a song by a famous artist and hearing their intention of writing it or a divine deliverance.

3.       Clairsentience: feels the surrounding energies and non-physical consciousness. It is my opinion that people with depression or severe anxiety have this sense because they feel and sense so much around them all the time.

4.       Claircognizance: inherent knowing how something is and comes together.  

Another one that is not that common is Clairgustance where you smell smells associated with a spirit. For example, if you are channeling a smoker, a psychic medium will tell you they smell smoke and you validate it.

So how do we communicate? It really depends on the spirits and how they want to communicate with you. Sometimes you hear them, sometimes they appear in pictures or as visions; other times you just sense them around you. Whenever I communicate with my grandmother, I smell Pond’s cream or Vicks (she was really sick before she died). I have seen smoke (kind of like visions) when I channel prominent historical figures who were smokers. It really depends on the message they want to communicate.

So word of advice, when you go to a psychic medium go with an open mind and ready to receive any message from your loved ones. If you don’t believe in this stuff, then don’t do it. Nothing will convince you otherwise so why waste your time and the psychic’s time. If you do go, and the psychic medium doesn’t have the right spirit (in other words someone you want to hear from), just tell them. We have developed a thick skin and won’t be offended. Our purpose is to heal no matter what.

Hope this gives you a nice glimpse in my world. Why did I write this? Just because I want my readers to be the most educated followers around!

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