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The Chakra System Explained

The Chakra System Explained

I have written a couple of posts about alternative and holistic sciences so I decided to continue with this well-received trend. Today, I will discuss the Chakra System and how it can complement our health with modern- day medicine.

The belief is that everything is energy-humans, planets, gravity, magnetism; all are different compositions of energy. “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally meaning "wheel”. Literally translated from the Hindi it means ‘Wheel of spinning Energy’. A chakra is like a whirling, vortex-like, powerhouse of energy. Within our bodies, you have seven of these major energy centers and many more minor ones. These “energy” centers were named as such because of their circular shape spinning in our body; they are the non-material energetic counterpart to our physical body.  There are seven main chakras and they are located along the spine extending out the front and back of the body.  Each chakra has a number of specific qualities that correspond to a different energy vibration that influences everything from the base-level self-identity issues in our root chakra to the higher vibration spirit-level awareness of being at our crown.  These energetic centers split into a prism of colors. Our opportunity in studying them is to learn how to be fully aware of ourselves and knowing our divine purpose during our time on Earth.

Chakras both take up and collect prana (life force energy) and transform and pass on energy from one wheel to another (think of it like a pulley system-all parts work together). Our material bodies could not exist without them for they serve as gateways for the flow of energy and life into our physical bodies. Each chakra is associated with a certain part of the body and a certain organ to which it provides the energy it needs to function. Additionally, just as every organ in the human body has its equivalent on the mental and spiritual level, so too every chakra corresponds to a specific aspect of human behavior and development. Our circular spirals of energy differ in size and activity from person to person. They vibrate at different levels relative to the awareness of the individual and their ability to integrate the characteristics of each into their life.  The lower chakras are associated with fundamental emotions and needs, for the energy here vibrates at a lower frequency and is therefore denser in nature. The finer energies of the upper chakras correspond to our higher mental and spiritual aspirations and faculties.

 The openness and flow of energy through our chakras determines our state of health and balance. Knowledge of our more subtle energy system empowers us to maintain balance and harmony on the physical, mental and spiritual level. In order for us to become fully self-realized and in harmony with our physical and spiritual nature our denser lower energies need to be harmonized with the lighter energies of the upper centers. Each center has an integral function in creating our energetic balance and physical well-being.

Sometimes chakras become blocked because of stress, emotional or physical problems. If the body’s ‘energy system’ cannot flow freely it is likely that problems will occur. The consequence of irregular energy flow may result in physical illness and discomfort or a sense of being mentally and emotionally out of balance. Through meditation, visualization exercises, and yoga, one can align the chakras to function properly. Natural items like crystals and essential oils all have energy in their smells and composition as well. They can be used to regulate your chakra system.

The following list maps out the primary qualities of each chakra, its corresponding location in the body, color, physical and emotional realms of influence, and its greater significance.

Chakra 7 – The Crown: Its color is white and it is located at the top of your head. It is associated with the cerebral cortex, central nervous system and the pituitary gland. It is concerned with information, understanding, acceptance and bliss. It is said to be your own place of connection to God, the Chakra of Divine purpose and personal destiny. Blockage can manifest as psychological problems.

Chakra 6 – The Third Eye: Its color is Indigo (think violet or purple). It is located at the center of your forehead at eye level or slightly above. This chakra is used to question the spiritual nature of our life. It is the Chakra of question, perception and knowing. It is concerned with inner vision, intuition and wisdom. Your dreams for this life and recollections of other lifetimes are held in this Chakra. Blockage may manifest as problems like lack of foresight, mental rigidity, ‘selective’ memory and depression.

Chakra 5- The Throat: Its color is blue and it is located within the throat. It is the chakra of communication, creativity, self-expression and judgement. It is associated with your neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid and parathyroid glands. It is concerned with the senses of inner and outer hearing, the synthesis of ideas, healing, transformation and purification. Blockage can show up as creative blocks, dishonesty or general problems in communicating ones needs to others.

Chakra 4 – The Heart: Its color is green and it is located within your heart. It is the center of love, compassion, harmony and peace. Chakra is associated with your lungs, heart, arms hands and thymus gland. We fall in love through our heart chakra. Blockage can show itself as immune system, lung and heart problems, or manifest as inhumanity, lack of compassion or unprincipled behavior.

Chakra 3 – The Solar Plexus: Its color is yellow and it is located a few inches above the navel in the solar plexus area. This chakra is concerned with your digestive system, muscles, pancreas and adrenals. It is the seat of your emotional life. Feelings of personal power and strength, confidence, laughter, and your vibrant (or lack of) energy are associated with this center. Your sensitivity, ambition and ability to achieve are stored here. Blockage may manifest as self-confidence issues, lethargy, frustration, and lack of direction or a sense of victimization.

Chakra 2 – The Sacral (or Navel Chakra): Its color is orange and it is located between the base of your spine and your navel. It is associated with your lower abdomen, kidneys, bladder, circulatory system and your reproductive organs and glands. It is concerned with emotion. This chakra represents desire, pleasure, sexuality, passion, procreation and creativity. Blockage may manifest as emotional problems, compulsive or obsessive behavior and sexual guilt.

Chakra 1- The Base (or Root Chakra): Its color is red and it is located at the perineum, base of your spine. It is the chakra closest to the earth. Its function is concerned with earthly grounding and physical survival. This Chakra is associated with your legs, feet, bones, large intestine and adrenal glands. It controls your fight or flight response. Blockage may manifest as paranoia, fear, lack of stability in life, survival issues, procrastination and defensiveness.

I hope you have learned something today. Soon I will do a post on crystals and how they can be used in clearing your chakra system. Why? Just because I am an awesome person!

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