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Crystals & Their Benefits at Your Workplace (Part 1)

Crystals & Their Benefits at Your Workplace (Part 1)

The beauty and healing powers of crystals or stones have been long recognized since the dawn of civilization from the ancient times of Tutankhamen to the modern masterpieces of Cartier and Faberge. They are not only prized for their beauty or rarity, but for their healing and spiritual power.  Healers, shamans and priests have long used crystals for their unique and special properties. A popular theory is that crystals vibrate at the same pitch as humans and animals, and can be used to relieve suffering because the resonance between the patient and the stone either combats the vibration of illness or amplifies those of health.

Traditional remedies, such as herbalism, homeopathy and crystal therapies, can be seen as natural alternatives for, or complementary with modern drugs. With the recent swing toward holistic and alternative medicine, many people are turning to crystals not only to help cure their ailments, but significantly, to maintain optimum health, physically and emotionally.

I have been talking about the chakra system (Read HERE) quite a bit and thought to cover it again. However, in this post, I seek a specific practical purpose- improving the energy of your workplace through crystals. Workplace is an environment we spend most of our days in. Our co-workers become our friends, and our desk becomes our second home. So, why not do a post on improving your work environment, right? When I worked as a 4th grade teacher, my classroom was filled with personal touches along with students’ work. I had photographs of my family, posters of my travels, and gifts from my all my students through the years. Today, now that I have discovered this new world, I think why not include crystals in your office as well. I have crystals of varying sizes in my room and let me tell you, they not only beautify the place, but bring so much color and positivity as well. So here is a list of “enchanting” crystals you can use:

Agate- there is a variety of agates you can keep at your desk. Agates soothe irritated energy and grounds it. It also helps with security, emotionally and financially, which stimulates the root chakra.

Amber- heals anxiety in all situations especially that stemming from negative situations. Great for solar plexus and crown chakra.

Amethyst- enhances intuition, protects your energy, and heals negative energy. Great for your third eye chakra.

Aquamarine- is believed to protect you from gossip and is an excellent stone to use for meditating at your workplace. Wonderful for the throat chakra so you can use it to communicate effectively and avoid attracting gossip of any type.

Aventurine- comes in many colors (blue for throat, green for heart, yellow for solar plexus, red for root) and heals different chakras. All colors of aventurine attract money.

Bronzite- protects, grounds, brings balance and harmony, banishes feelings of being overwhelmed, and inspires friendliness. Great for a hectic work environment. For root and sacral chakras.

Carnelian- is wonderful for boosting energy, helping find one’s inner strength and gives a sense of humor. Mostly for the sacral chakra.

Cat’s Eye (Tiger’s Eye)- Allows one to see everything. Considered very lucky in some cultures. Protects you from the evil eye and enhances creativity. Wonderful for the third eye and solar plexus.

Citrine Quartz- releases you from any fears holding you back, increases strength and self-esteem, calms and relieves depressions and opens one’s mind to new ideas. Wonderful for solar plexus.

Fluorite- (comes in many colors, but blue and yellow are most relevant to workplace). Great for balancing emotions by making you more focused and helps with decision making by strengthening your intellectual and mental powers. Blue is great for heart chakra and yellow is helpful for solar plexus.

Garnet (red)- energizes passion in any relationship and is said to increase income and successes in the business world. Primarily for root and sacral chakra.

Jade- (comes in many colors, but some pertain to the work environment more). Brown Jade is for the heart chakra and is great for adjusting to change. Red Jade is known to aid in dealing with feelings of anger and releasing tension. White Jade assists in calming and grounding. Also assists in making decisions. All are wonderful for the heart chakra.

Lapis Lazuli- a favorite of mine. Great for opening and cleansing the throat chakra. Can help you solve problems by speaking the truth.

Labradorite- this beautiful stone allows one to figure out their true goals, and increases intuition to develop new ideas. Wonderful for the sacral and third eye chakras.

Lazurite- helps resolve problems and enhances memory. Wonderful for the throat chakra.

I think I am going to stop here and continue with the rest on another post. Buy one or two crystals that speak to you and you connect with and see how they change your work environment. You can use them as jewelry or as décor in your office or on your desk. Remember to sage them or put them in sea salt before using them. Why? Just because this way any previous energy can be removed.

For more detailed reference of crystals, consider purchasing this book (Click HERE). 

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