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Crystals and Their Benefits for Your Workplace (Part II)

Crystals and Their Benefits for Your Workplace (Part II)

Exactly a month ago (pure coincidence, I promise) I posted a post on crystals improving your work environment energetically. Today, I finally got around writing the second part of the post. If you want to visit part one you can do so HERE. You can use these crystals many ways. They can aid in clearing miscommunication or any negative energies. They can give you more confidence to speak out about anything (great for presentations). Lastly, they help strengthen your intuition so you can reach success and your goals. You may be asking where I can find these stones. I wrote a post on metaphysical stores in the Bay Area (HERE) so that post will be a place to start. If you don’t live in the Bay Area, then search any metaphysical or new age store and you can an expert who can guide you towards the right crystal available.

Obsidian: This black stone protects you against lower, negative energies. It will also protect you against depression, and ground you. Great for the root chakra.

Petalite: This stone comes in many colors and helps calm the over excited and scattered mind. It relaxes the mind to the point you can connect to your higher self and find your life purpose. It also infuses love and joy into one’s life. It is great for the 3rd eye and the crown chakra.

Prehnite: This greenish yellow rock connects your will to your heart which gives you strength and confidence to make difficult decisions. It is great for the solar plexus and the heart chakra.

Rutilated Quartz (Golden): This transparent, smoky, yellow stone removes obstacles, fear, phobias, and anxiety. It is great for solar plexus.

Sardonyx: This stone comes in many colors and influences the user to find a more meaningful existence. If you are seeking a career change or a generally confused where to take your life, then buy this stone. It is great for the root chakra.

Smokey Quartz: This transparent stone has a smoky tinge to it and is great for the root chakra. It is very grounding and stabilizing as it helps one become more confident in the workplace and reach their goals.

Sulphur: Extremely dangerous if ingested. This stone aids in removing negative energy of any kind. It softens most negative personality traits such as stubbornness, anger, and jealousy. So if you have these traits, then consider investing in Sulphur. It is a great stone to place somewhere safe, generally away from kids and animals (if you work from home).

Tourmaline (Blue): This stone is also known as Indicolite or Indigolite.  It clears walls created by stress and misunderstandings and helps you communicate more clearly. Great for councilors who are becoming stressed by clients. It is wonderful for the throat chakra and the 3rd eye.

How to Clean your Crystals:

Like anything else, crystals get energetically dirty from all the negativity they absorb so it is essential we clean them once in a while. Every two weeks or so, immerse your crystals (they don’t have to be fully covered) in Himalayan salt or uniodized sea salt. This will be great in clearing the negative energy. Do it for 24 hours and then remove. You can reuse the salt until you feel that it is time to use new salt. Some other ways I have tried cleaning them is through sage smoke. Just burn some sage and let the smoke trail through your crystals. You will literally feel the renewed energy.

In terms of charging the crystals, once in a while, use sunlight. Put your crystals near a window or outside for no more than 15 minutes (because crystals can fade) and feel them become more powerful. Once a month put them out under the full moon. This trick is great for clearing them and infusing them with energy to enhance their healing.

Well, I hope this helps! This was the second and last part of the crystals at work post. Why did I write this? Just because I want my readers and clients to be successful and happy at their workplace.  

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