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Psychosis vs. Mediumship

Psychosis vs. Mediumship

This post is probably my most personal and important yet (so please be nice and open-minded). During my journey in discovering my mediumship qualities, I came across many nonbelievers. Fortunately, these people were mostly faithless to the higher power and generally lost in life because of their own rigid way of thinking. I am not saying I was the flower power, hippie, tree-hugging kind of naturalist (or Wiccan for that matter) and that this was an easy transition for me. In fact, it has been the hardest fact to come in terms with, because my mind constantly questions (still!) that an ordinary human being can possess this. One of the questions I always ask God is why me? And the answer I get is that I, along with other selected people get chosen for this healing business because we possess certain qualities-selflessness, eagerness to help, empathy, love, hardworking, sensitivity, creativity-these are all qualities you will find in mediums and psychics.

Due to recent occurrences around the world, I literally had to get out of bed tonight and write this post, which I had originally scheduled for the future. It seems like certain people are confused about mental illness and what it is to bring a message of love and peace to the world. I myself have been called crazy by many people, but NOW, I don’t let it get to me. So let me shed some light on what is the difference between the two.

I was always a precocious child. I had knowledge on how to act, what to say and when to say it better than my seven year older sister. I had a great thirst for knowledge and was also very observant of the world around me and expressed my views creatively through writing. I loved writing (and reading!) so much so that I majored in English literature, with English not being my native language. I did quite well because I use to think creatively. One thing I remember was that as a young child I always felt like I was being watched. Not by the government (as many mentally ill people believe), but just watched by something I couldn’t see. I had the wildest imagination and I was fascinated with the world of goblins, fairies, and ghosts. So one would assume, the discovery of my mediumship was organic and natural. Well, my friends, it wasn’t.

Aside from the unnatural feelings and qualities I had as a child, nothing extraordinary happened to me. I know many mediums such as Doreen Virtue and everybody’s favorite, Teresa Caputo, claim they would see dead spirits at the edge of their bed at night. I just remember being very sensitive to vibrations and energies. If I didn’t like someone when I first met them, and didn’t listen to my gut instinct, they would eventually show me I was right about them. Half the time I was too young and inexperienced to understand the instinctual and gut feelings I would get about people. I just knew I didn’t like them. I didn’t take advantage of these insights and gossiped; I just assumed everyone thought like me.

Then in 2006, things began to take a turn in my life. I met certain people that literally were black holes energetically and I became sick. I had immense anxiety when I was around them and as hardworking as I was, I didn’t feel appreciated the way I wanted to be appreciated. My insights didn’t disappoint me. Turned out a lot of people had issues with these individuals and it was best not to interact with them. What I didn’t know was that there is such thing as psychic attacks. I “came out” as a medium hesitantly to a co-worker of mine. I don’t remember what I said to him, but it was along the lines that I can feel and sense and “hear” things other people can’t and the news spread. Most people were curious and open to what I said since I was a brilliant teacher, but no surprise, these individuals were not. They figured out that I could sense their negativity so they gossiped and backstabbed me more. It was terrible! These people were some of the first ones to call me crazy. And it took a lot of reflection and soul searching to undo the damage.

After years of depression and therapy, I finally began to accept what was always the truth-that I wasn’t crazy or mentally ill, but an actual psychic medium. I still didn’t “come out of the closet (again)”. It wasn’t until after meeting President Obama (yes, no joke) and then talking to my aunt who said this runs in our family, did I fully grasp the idea. Now almost two years of learning, meditating, and training, I feel confident in my abilities. I have received plenty of evidence and don’t need the belief of negative people to validate me.

Where we run into trouble is when people with serious mental illness think they are one of us and they are ordained by God or Jesus to kill or harm people. So let me break the differences down for you.

1. Psychic mediums do not get grand ideas to hurt themselves or others in order to get attention. We think in power of attraction and working slowly towards success. It can take years to train to become a medium and even longer to be trusted. So no shortcuts here, guys!

2. Psychic mediums are not out of touch of reality. We are tolerant, loving, and educated individuals trained to heal those in suffering. Paying a psychic $175/hour to connect with your grandfather is very different than paying someone $10,000 who promises to keep you away from the pits of hell. We bring positive, loving messages from spirits; mentally ill people bring fear.

3. Chronic mental illness causes dramatic shifts in a person’s mood, energy and ability to think clearly. With mania, people may feel extremely irritable or euphoric. They may also have extreme pleasure-seeking or risk-taking behaviors. Someone who is depressed might feel hopeless, helpless and be unable to perform normal tasks. Psychic mediums constantly and regimentally pray and meditate with tools such as crystals to heal themselves energetically and emotionally. They DO NOT partake in behavior as risky sex practices and drugs.

It does get tricky in some places. Mentally ill people see hallucinations and are under delusions, which are deemed out of reality. They may also have disorganized thinking patterns. A person may switch very quickly from one topic to another or provide answers that are completely unrelated. Some may say psychic mediums claiming to see spirits or ghosts are hallucinating too. That’s when validations come into consideration. When you talk to a expert psychic medium, they greet you, make eye contact, act NORMAL, and have conversations just like you would about your great aunt, Becky. There is no incoherence or distractions or broken thought processes. It is like a regular conversation. And like mentioned earlier, the messages are full of healing and love, not violence, fear and dread.

Another difference I notice is how they are energetically. People who are mentally ill are difficult to be around physically, emotionally, and energetically. Their whole chakra system is off. I would go as far to say the chakra system is wrong side up. That’s why they engage in risky sex behavior or want to feel the feelings “of being high” because their idea of higher self is engaging in physical acts rather than spiritual ones.

So people who blow themselves up or those who open fire in a crowded theater clearly are not driven by the higher power or unselfish motives. They are clearly mentally ill. Please do not blame a religion, or worse, the followers of a religion because what someone not in their right mind does. It leads to nothing but fear and paranoia. I hope in time, people come to realize this and come together to rejoice in our difference rather than isolate ourselves from one another. Why? Just because that is what we call humanity!  


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