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How to Meditate

How to Meditate

Given the stresses in life, it is critical that we stop and silence our minds and listen to our inner guidance. Our daily life makes us tired, which in turn makes us unhappy, impatient, and frustrated. Meditation, along with a proper diet and exercise is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some of the earliest written records of meditation come from the Hindu traditions of Vedantism around 1500 BCE. The Vedas discuss the meditative traditions of ancient India. Around the 6th to 5th centuries BCE, other forms of meditation developed in Taoist China and Buddhist India. Meditation is a great tool that even western medicine doctors have begun encouraging combating stresses in daily life.


So what is meditation? Meditation is when you set aside 5-10 minutes (that is truly how long you need daily) and silence or declutter the “voices” in your head. It is a great way to make your mind energetically calmer and in turn become more focused in life. You can lie down on the ground or sit in a lotus position when doing meditation.


You will notice that as you meditate, you will understand your own mind. You will pick on indicators such as what you stress about, how your body reacts to that stress, and of course solutions to the cause of your stress. We can truly transform our mind from negative to positive, from disturbed to peaceful, from unhappy to happy. Overcoming negative minds and cultivating constructive thoughts is the purpose of meditation. On one level, meditation is a tool. It can help combat stress, fosters physical health, helps with chronic pain, can make you sleep better, feel happier, be more peaceful, as well as be more present. But on a deeper level, meditation is a doorway into the unknown. It can help us get a sense of the mystery of who we are. As a psychic medium, I myself use it to answer many of life’s complex questions.


You can meditate anywhere. From personal spaces such as your bedroom floor or your office to public places such as a yoga class or top of a mountain. I even like to meditate in the bath with candles lit and music playing in the background. All you need is a flat, solid place to sit or lay down on and an environment that is free of noise and disruption (so quiet you can focus on breathing).


There are numerous ways you can meditate. I will tell you my two favorite ways. The first way I do it is through visualizations. This type of visualization is great for those “running” minds. I put on the Guided Chakra Balancing Meditation by Greg de Vries (available on iTunes) and go to my happy place. During this CD, Greg’s soothing voice tells us to visualize a beam of bright white light mixing with the color of each chakra. As the music plays, I visualize this light cleansing each chakra and eventually my soul. The guided meditation is also a great way to keep in check if my mind wanders off and I start thinking or worrying about life again.  If you do not want someone’s voice disrupting your “flow” than Doreen Virtue teaches a great visualization trick in her book “Nutrition for Intuition”. She says to spend 2-4 minutes on each chakra and imagine you are swimming in a lake of the chakra’s color. For example: If you want to work on your root chakra, then imagine you are swimming in a pond, lake, or pool of red color. If working on sacral then imagine orange water, and so on. This will help those who are visual people. I am not good with memorization, but my teacher also recommends saying affirmations while meditating. If you are an auditory person, then this will be very helpful for you.


I like to meditate whenever I have 10 minutes or so to myself. Sometimes I can spend up to a half-n-hour and it is the most nurturing, peaceful experience. So that is what I would recommend. If you are a morning person, do it in the morning. If your work life is hectic and you need a breather, meditate at work. If you have trouble sleeping, then meditate right before going to bed. There is no right time to meditate. Doing it regularly is the key. Although don’t do it when you are hungry or when your stomach is full.

I hope this give my readers a nice, little, “unofficial, beginner’s” guide to what meditation is. Why am I recommending it? Just because our world needs healing and the positive energy derived from meditation can collectively impact others.

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