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Chit Chat with Blog Writer Anum

Chit Chat with Blog Writer Anum

Anum has been a world traveler since the age of three. Her father would take her on exciting trips and although she doesn't remember much other than from the pictures and the stories, she knew she wanted to pursue traveling as a life-long passion. Now married, she has made her husband her best friend and her traveling buddy. I asked to interview her so our readers can learn from her experiences. You can learn more about her travels through her blog, The Wandering Butterfly ( http://www.thewanderingbutterfly.com/). 

1. What do you remember about your first traveling experience?

My first travel was to the United States when I was 3. Sadly I don't remember much from it other than the stories my parents tell me and the pictures I have from that trip. From the pictures I can tell I had a pretty good time!

2.  What do you look for when you pick locations? 

I'm a nature lover. Hence the first thing I look for is natural beauty. Also I love experiencing new cultures and meeting new people. So you could say these are the two major things I look for when picking a place.

3. What tips/sources would you recommend for searching the world locations?

The most important thing is knowing what interests you. Look for places which are of your interest. You wouldn't want to be in a city full of museums when you're not interested in history. Also try to find places with good weather at the time of your travel. Extreme weather could ruin your experience.

4. What’s the best way to cut costs?

The best way to cut costs is to avoid peak seasons. If you don't have children, you don't need to be traveling at the time kids have school holidays. By avoiding peak seasons, you can get good deals on hotels and air tickets.

5. As a female traveler, do you have any recommendations for those who are unmarried and/or want to travel with other females or alone?

To be honest, I haven't really traveled alone other than traveling within US. One obvious thing I can suggest is avoiding late night activities.

6. Have you run into issues anywhere, if so what did you learn from it?

I'm a planner. Hence I spend a lot of time planning and preparing for my travel. There haven't really been any major issues. However if some problem does arise, I try to deal with it in a calm manner...focusing on the solution.

Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest) 2007

Austria (Vienna), Czech Republic (Prague), Hungary (Budapest) 2007

England 2001 and 2016

England 2001 and 2016